Who am I

About me

Welcome to my personal blog and thank you for visiting. This blog is for everyone who interested in building social networking. I make this blog to share my ideas and my experiences. Writing has become part of my life since I realized that everyone has its own personality. Even if we go to the same way, your journey is not my journey.

I used to think that writing is useless in as much as it wastes our time. After reading book written by Professor Kuncoro I found that writing is a great way to pursue both our academic purpose and non-academic purpose. We can learn from past by writing and we can inspire future by writing.

When this posting is made I am a student of Gadjah Mada University and take economics major. In my hatic schedule I still have opportunity to attain my capacity as a student. I work as assistant at one of the economics professor in FEB UGM. I assist doing some research, making presentations, editing books, and many more.

I believe that we are only given one shoot in our life. So, we just can try at our best.

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